Rose Quartz Mask




[Looking for an easy way to reduce puffiness and bags under your eyes?] This cooling Rose Quartz Face Mask, handmade with over 250 crystals, is the answer. Unlike Jade and amethyst gemstone, Rose Quartz is better known for its wrinkle reducing benefits.
[Intrigued by Cold Therapy?] The naturally cold stones on the face and eyes decrease inflammation by constricting your blood vessels and promoting blood circulation. Great for fatigue treatment. For best results, leave the mask in your fridge or freezer for an hour before use.
[Feel the need to detox?] Allow the weight of the mask to help drain the toxins and other fluid from your face via your lymph nodes, similar to a Gua Sha detoxifying treatment. Lymph drainage can be a weapon against puffiness and will relieve tension. The Ancient Egyptians used Rose Quartz as an anti-aging tool.
[Need to Destress?] The Rose Quartz full face mask acts like an anxiety blanket for your face. It’s weight combined with its cooling effects creates ultimate relaxation and tension relief. Perfect for meditation and can be used to assist with migraine headache relief.
[Looking for a simple way to rejuvenate and look younger?] Many use the mask after applying skincare products as a way to incorporate cold therapy into their skincare routine while allowing their skin products to absorb.


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