Jelly mask set


* Face mask skincare peel off cleansing and moisturizing gel mask: This hydro mask helps to remove skin wastes which remain after normal cleansing and is effective in pore care and soothing the skin.
* Facial mask skin care: Each mask helps to hydrate the skin -adding moisture; removes excess oils; improves the appearance of pores and draws out impurities. You will notice the bits of herbs in our all-natural ingredient masks.
* Face mask women skin care: But, men will see the benefits too. Our hydro mask can sooth skin roughed by shaving, wind, sun or the elements of work or nature.
* Mascarillas para la cara facial: Calmante y benéfico. Easy to use with dynamic results. Just Mix, Apply, relax for 20 minutes, peel off the mask.
* Hypoallergenic Beauty Mask: Proven natural ingredients and with no synthesized preservatives, artificial colorants or synthesized aromatics


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